May 23, 2010

Holes in my closet

    Now that my semester of not shopping is over as well as the uber busy graduation season, I wanted to share with you one of the things I learned from my shopping ban.  I have some serious holes in my closet.  HUGE in fact.  And now that I'll be entering the job market in August, I need to figure out how to fill these holes relatively cheaply in the next few months.   

My List
- blouses
- light knit sweaters
- blazers!
- cardigans in different colors, shapes and prints
- work appropriate skirts
- dresses (oh how I have fallen in love with dresses as of late)
- jewelry--it turns out that the reason I don't wear a lot of jewelry is b/c I don't have a lot of stuff that goes with different things.
- trousers, in particular ones I can wear to work as mine are all too big and really worn. 

How do you decide what holes are in your closet?  How do you decide what to fill first?

1 comment:

Lorena said...

I hear you !
Shopping bans can be eye openers. For me it was eye opening too.
If you are just starting out, make yourself a "uniform"
or at least at the beginning - so you don't break the piggy bank.
For example a crisp white shirt, black trousers+ jacket set and a blue dress and a black dress can take you through an entire week.
All you have to do is mix and match. Maybe borrow some accessories from a friend or even grandma will enhance your look.
Good luck!

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