May 12, 2010

Start of Summer

    I wore this outfit last week for my last day of work.  I am taking the summer off of work in order to study for the bar exam at the end of July.  This, however, doesn't mean I get to slack off for the summer.  To the contrary, I will be attending bar prep classes from 9-3:30 every day (and some Saturdays!) from now until mid-July.  Sounds like a spectacular way to spend my summer, no?
    I took this picture on our porch overlooking the backyard.  As you can see, I have a small container garden.  I am really good at growing lettuce, but not much else.  My strawberry plants are currently doing well though, so hopefully I'll have yummy strawberries soon.  
    Unfortunately I'm still super tired and sore from this weekend (2 6+ hour drives and sleeping on a terrible mattress 3 nights) and have very little to say.  I did manage to look great for my sister's graduation only to not have a single picture taken.  Oh well!  I should have several this weekend as it will be my graduation. 

The Details:
Sweater: Loft (consignment)
Green tweed skirt: Village (consignment)
Nude heels: Nine West
Belt: Target
Necklace: Consignment


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Good luck with studying for the bar!

I love the nude heels with this!

Audi said...

This is such a pretty outfit, and the thin belt is a great finishing touch. Congrats on being finished with your exams, by the way, and good luck with your studying!


Nice, your story is very interestin and good luck for ur study too;)

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