May 16, 2010

Family Circus

    So my parents and little sister are in town this weekend for my graduation.  This of course means we spent all day Saturday running around town shopping and running errands that  my parents needed to get done before they leave for Puerto Rico on Tuesday.  
LOVE the embellishments!

    It was super hot so I opted for a silk-cotton sleeveless tee and lightweight pants.  Other than the pants being too big (blame the weight loss) it was perfect for a very hot and busy day of running around with the family.  Among our errands was getting my sister's and my eyebrows done, going to Marshalls, Lowe's, Petsmart, Sam's Club, Costco, the liquor store, and getting my sister fitted for a new bra.  It was a LOOOOOOOOOONG DAY.  But at the end we got home and got to play with Bella, which made it all worth it.  (Also I made burgers) :) 

The Details:
Embellished Tank: LOFT
Pants: Gap
Flip-Flops: ON

Photos courtesy of mom using my camera

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