January 4, 2010


Here are this year's resolutions/goals that I would like to accomplish: 

1. Walk Bella more often.  It keeps both of us healthy and active and teaches her how to deal with different situations.
2. Live Healthier.  This doesn't just mean exercising more often and eating better, although they're both certainly a part of it.  It also includes appreciating my body, taking care of my skin and hair and just having a healthier outlook.  
3. Graduate! :)
4. If I can't actually get married in 2010, I would at least like to set a date to get married in 2010. 
5. Closet Shopping Challenge.  As I explained here, I am going to not shop for clothes for my last semester in Law School.  Knowing that a full on prohibition would more than likely fail, I'm going to give myself some exceptions.
    a. In the event of an interview and if I need something, I'm not going to hesitate from buying something that I need.  
    b. If I do happen to get married this year, I'm allowed to buy a wedding dress this semester.
    c.  These shoes.  The Fiance told me after Christmas that had it not been for an ill-timed dentist bill, he would have gotten me a pair for Christmas.  So as a belated X-mas present from him, I will be buying these shoes (w/his help) sometime in the next couple of weeks.
    d.  Rain boots.  I need them.
    e. Accessories: brooches, belts, hosiery.  I'm not sold on the idea of not being allowed to buy this stuff.  I have very few accessories as it is, since if I'm going to spend money I'm going to spend it on the necessaries, ie jeans, tees, sweaters, etc.  So I think I'll allow myself to grow my accessories, within reason.  (I forsee consignment shopping more than anything).

I think that's it.  I recognize that my no shopping challenge isn't quite a ban, but it works for me.  I also realize that some of the above is more passive and more likely to happen (graduation) than others (walking Bella daily for example).  But the point is that I have some distinct goals for the year that I think I will reasonably be able to accomplish.  And in light of the uncertainty at the end of July, having some reasonable goals isn't a bad thing. 

What is your outlook on Resolutions?  Do you think they're useful or just a different way of approaching the same program (like the kitty above)?


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I think your exceptions are all very fair. I'm sure you probably know this already, but wedding gowns can take 6-8 months to come in from when you order them, so keep that in mind.

Savvy Gal said...

i am with you on no. 4. i need to figure out if i want to get marry in 2010 if not in 2010 too.

A-C said...

LHdM--I know. I actually have 2 dresses in mind, one of which I keep leaning towards more and more heavily. Just need mom to come see it. Or someone for that matter. Blech. So hard!

Savvy Gal--Its not whether I want to or not (I do, badly) but whether we can afford it. But congrats to you! I hope you're able to.

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