September 27, 2010

Post B-day Outfit

    So my 26th birthday was September 10.  As a present my parents gave me $100 to spend on myself.  This t-shirt and skirt are 2 of the things that I got.  I also bought a second embellished t-shirt in a blue-gray color.  My shopping experience was kind of depressing.  The Fiance and I were able to go to a really nice shopping center in the city where they have stores like Banana Republic, Talbots, Ann Taylor and the like.  While we went in to each of these and found several pieces that I would love to have, they were all way out of my $100 budget.  Just when I was getting depressed though, we turned a corner and there was NY&Co.  They were running a sale so the skirt was only $24.99 and the t-shirts were each $19.99 and $24.99.  I was able to use my AAA card and got an additional 15% off which made the experience WAY better than I anticipated.
Before I found my tripod, Sorry!
    Anyway, this outfit, as most are nowadays, is from work.  I don't remember what I did that day, but I would guess it included going to district court to handle some traffic cases, then back to the office to look at medical records for one of several pending cases.  Despite my days tending to be repetitive, I like to bring excitement into them through my wardrobe.  The little frills from the shoulder down, for example, while simple added a nice touch to this gorgeous color of a t-shirt.  I definitely understand now why people dress for work with their personality on their sleeve.  If they, or rather I didn't, I would be bored to death by monotony and repetition.  What do you do to keep work from being boring?  Am I the only one who keeps things entertaining through clothes?

The Details:
T-shirt: New York & Co.
Skirt: New York & Co.
Heels: Nine West   

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lawyerdoll said...

I'm trying to, that's why I started blogging. There are some pretty funny "Fails" on there if you get bored.

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