January 13, 2010


    For whatever reason, I had a craving to wear a dress today.  I tried on two of my new Ann Taylor Loft dresses to winterize them, but couldn't find the right look.  I opted for my red Hanes dress in the end.  Part way through my day I went to Target and bought these black boots.  I've pretty much given up on finding a pair of knee high boots that would allow me to tuck jeans into them, so I went ahead and got these.  
    The question of course is, how does this fit into my closet shopping challenge?  Well, I had been looking for knee high boots since September and because of my large calves, I figured I wouldn't find a pair and as such didn't put them on my list of exceptions.  Also, I kind of forgot to put them on my list of exceptions.  So even though they're not on there, they were supposed to be.    

The Details:
Red dress: Hanes
Black tights: L'Eggs
Black boots: Target
Freshwater pearl necklace: Me


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the creative photos!

A-C said...

Thanks! It was REALLY REALLY REALLY cold when I took these yesterday. Glad you appreciate them. :)

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