January 22, 2010

Blending In

    On gray rainy days you can either wear something bright to fight against the gloom like Tania of What Would a Nerd Wear or blend in, like I chose to yesterday.  For whatever reason, I've been loving gray as of late.  It just feels so much softer and less harsh than black, and since I haven't seen the sun since August, less harsh is good.  Also, I've been dying to wear this dress to school, but I couldn't figure out a way to wear it so that it wasn't too dressy or where I wasn't freezing.  My knee high boots and a dark pink tank were the perfect way to keep the dress from getting too dressy.  The dark pink tank just happened to match the flowers on the dress perfectly.  I was afraid that the built in bra in the tank would bug me since I didn't have time to cut it out of the tank yesterday morning, but I was lucky enough that it didn't.  I will, however have to remove the built in bra.  I get that for some women they work, but in order for me to wear a tank w/a built in bra, the tank ends up either almost not covering or entirely not covering the girls, which completely defeats the purpose of the tank.  For yesterday I just pulled it up so that the elastic was mid-boob and went on with my day.  I wouldn't recommend this with most outfits as its pretty obvious when you cut your boobs in half with elastic, but because I had 2 layers on top of the tank, I felt ok with it.  
    This blue cardigan rocked in keeping me warm.  I hadn't realized it until I took it off yesterday, but this cardigan is 100% wool.  From Target!  And I got lucky enough that I found it for $8 last time I was allowed to shop (ie ~3 weeks ago).  If I had known it was 100% wool when I bought it, I definitely would have looked and looked to see if I could have found more of them in different colors.  But its ok, I'm just glad to have added such a nice cardigan in a color that isn't black or white to my closet.
    I just wanted to include this last picture because 1. its cute and 2. it allows me to explain some how I take pictures.  I've mentioned before that I take outfit pictures by putting my camera on a tripod, setting the timer, then posing.  Well, before I even get to that step, I always take a test shot to make sure there's enough light for picture taking.  Well, yesterday while doing my test picture, Luna and Bella decided to get in on the action and peer out our glass front door.  Aren't they precious?

The Details:
Flower print dress: LOFT
Cardigan: Target
Boots: Target
Ombre tights: Target
Tank: Gap outlet


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Savvy Gal said...

I prefer grey over black too. : )

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