January 7, 2010

More Jewel Tones

    I wore this outfit last week and just didn't finish up writing the post.  This outfit is way more casual than I've been wearing for a while.  I got these burgundy corduroys several years ago.  They had originally been hemmed for me to wear with flats.  I had them taken out so I could wear them with heels.  Unfortunately, they're still super short, so wearing them with heels is a bit odd looking.  I can definitely still wear them with flats or short heels.  
   Sad to say, this will probably be the last post for this shirt.  Even though I love it and its different, its just not working for me.  The front of the top has a double layer of fabric.  This wouldn't be so bad if the double layer went all the way down under my boobs.  But that's not the case.  The line dissects my boobs.  And I hate it.  I spent the whole day fidgeting with the top trying to get the line lower, but in doing that exposed cleavage.  All in all, its just not worth it.  I would try to cut the layer out, but I'm pretty sure all I would accomplish is messing up a cute top.  I'm going to just give the top to one of my friends who is less boobed than me. 
    Speaking of problems with boobs, the coat that I'm wearing in the picture to the right is a godsend.  I got it while in Puerto Rico a few years ago and was thrilled to find that it actually fit my boobs.  In fact, the coat STILL fits my boobs which have grown some since I bought the coat.  AND I can layer sweaters and scarves under it too!  Great buys rock.

The Details:
Tan top: Zara
Burgundy Cords: Gap
Turquoise flats: Target (on sale!)
Turquoise necklace: gift from Debby
White Coat: Guess Outlet
Rainbow scarf:  Gift from Melanie (Old Navy)

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