January 6, 2010

A Good Samaritan

Wednesday afternoon I went to take my lunch break, got in my car, drove across the street to the Chick-fil-A, got my nuggets and drove back to our work parking lot.  After I pulled in, a gentleman in his mid-50s (I guess) pulled in behind me.  I just thought he was going into an office in our building.  H then honked at me and made a motion for me to roll my window down, I did and he told me that my back right tire was really really low and that I should take a look at it.  He then drove away.  I jumped out of my car after a few minutes and checked my tire, and it was in fact low.  It probably looked flat from afar.  I finished eating my nuggets and went to go remedy my tire situation. 

The Good Samaritan by He Qi  

I wanted to tell you all of this because of the importance of being nice, even to people you don't know.  This man had no business telling me that my tire was low.  He doesn't know me or owe me anything.  But he stopped, in fact went out of his way, to let me know that my car wasn't safe.  So readers, be nice, all year long, to people you know, you love, to those you don't know and even to those you don't care for.  You never know when someone will do the same for you and save you from a whole lot of trouble.  For this tidbit I thank the Good Samaritan that let me know about my tire and reinvigorated my faith in humankind.   

Has anybody ever made you feel better about humankind with a random act of kindness? 


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Oh, my! I'm glad you got your tire attended to!

Once about ten years ago I went off the road during a winter snow storm, and a young guy and his mom stopped and pulled me out of the ditch with their truck. I tried to give them the $30 or $40 I had on me, but they refused to take it.

A-C said...

And that is exactly why I don't live in places that snow like crazy. But seriously, I'm glad they came along and rescued you.

Moments like these really do renew my faith in humanity.

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