April 12, 2010

Now and Then

I wore this last Thursday and totally felt like I was in the movie Now and Then.  The movie follows these four 12 year old girls during their last real summer of their childhoods.  The reason this outfit reminds me of the movie?  It takes place in the 70's, and wearing this scarf as a headband has a retro feel for me.    
    Notice that I'm actually wearing shorts?  These happen to be the only pair of non-athletic shorts that I own.  I bought them for when I was a summer camp counselor and have worn them a few times since to go to the zoo.  Not sure why, but I felt like pulling them out last week and so I wore them.  Doubt they'll make another appearance anytime soon unless we go to the zoo this summer.  I'm not much of a shorts fan.  I prefer skirts or dresses to shorts.  They have a similar feel to shorts but are much prettier and flattering on me.  Besides, you can get all twirly in a skirt, which is impossible in shorts.  :)

The Details:
Shorts: Merona Target brand (old)
Black top: men's fruit of the loom undershirt
Belt: McDonald's from BCN
Scarf: Target
Sandals: ON
Ice Cream cone: Drumstick :)


Law Girl said...

Haha Now and Then! I totally forgot about that movie! I really like the pop of color that scarf adds to your outfit!

caffeinerd said...

I LOVE Now and Then. Definitely reminds me of it (in a grown-up way!).

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