April 14, 2010

good vibes and good times

    Thank you all for your good vibes yesterday!  I really appreciate all of your good thoughts and vibes and am grateful for all the wonderful bloggers I count as friends.  

    Yesterday was a beautiful day and I wanted to wear something comfortable and springy.  I grabbed this t-shirt knowing that it is probably one of the last flattering tops I own.  Its not even close to figure flattering, but since its comfortable and something I enjoy wearing, I've kept it.  I paired it with a skirt my friend Courtney gave me a few years ago.  Turns out that one of my law school friends also owns this skirt.  She came out of class asking me why I was wearing her skirt!   
 How do you decide when to get rid of items that you love?
When its this beautiful, its hard not to want to play!

The Details:
Top: ON
Skirt: NY&Co
Sandals: ON

I almost forgot!  Yesterday morning I got on the scale to see how much I weigh.  I don't do this often as 1. the battery is dying on the scale and 2. the number is seldom a good or necessary thing to know and 3. sometimes the number is downright depressing.  HOWEVER, yesterday I weighed in at 169.6 lbs.  This is the first time since my freshman year at Duke (03-04) that I have weighed less than 170!  I am SO excited.  Turns out that eating well and doing some exercise (which I've not been doing enough of unless you count running around with Bella) really do work!  (For frame of reference, the most I've weighed in the past several years is 198 and for most of this blog I've been somewhere between 169(yesterday!) and 178-ish.)   So yea, just wanted to share my accomplishment with you all.


Leah said...

That's great! Keep up the good work... don't stop loving yourself. Soon, you will be able to reach your target weight.

I don't get rid of items I love... I just give them a little rest then take them away for a spin after a while.

Have a great day! xoxo

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

you are looking fabulous and i love that flowery skirt on you!

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