March 19, 2010

Favorite Color

    So, my favorite color is blue.  Can you tell?  In the past several weeks I've worn several blue-centric outfits (not all of which have made it on the blog yet) and even made blue the central theme to my capsule wardrobe challenge.  I find it can be both calming and exciting depending on the shade.  Also, because of jeans, its easily a neutral in most outfits.  But the reason I think its my favorite color is the sky.  The color of the sky after sunset and just before the world goes dark is the best shade there is.  
   Now that I've finished waxing poetic about the color blue, let me tell you about this scarf.  I walked into target the other day hoping to find some tights on sale.  Now that its spring and all I figured Target might be clearancing out their tights.  Well I managed to find 2 pairs, but the really exciting thing is this scarf (and another one I'll post next week).  In the front of target there's usually a $1 section where they have seasonal stuff that's $1.  Well amongst that stuff I found this scrunchy scarf (my term) for $2.50.  TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS!!!  I got excited.  So I bought it.  And do you know the only reason I even thought about buying it?  Blogging.  Yep, I have climbed the mountain, looked over the other side and seen that it is good.  This scarf totally reminded me of this yellow scarf of E's of Academichic which just added to the coolness.  

What do you all think, am I crazy for being so excited about a scarf?  Or do you get this excited when you come across something unexpectedly too?

The Details:
Tank: ON
Jeans: ON
Belt: Target
Cardigan: Target
Scarf: Target ($2.50!)
Flats: Puma 
Sunglasses: Target

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Nicole Jarecz said...

cute scarf and great price!

Leah said...

I love the color of your scarf. xoxo

Teresa said...

Hello fellow law student blogger! That scarf is a great find! Ahhh, I could spend hours in Target...

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