March 1, 2010


    So, even though I'm not shopping at the moment, or anytime in the near future, I got really excited when I stumbled upon MyShape.  MyShape is a website where you enter your measurements and they tell you what body shape you are.  But that's not all dear readers!  In addition to telling you what shape you are, the site will also shop for you.  It uses the measurements you put in to find clothes that will *ACTUALLY* fit your body.  
    I don't know about you, but this is a godsend.  You see, even though I like clothes and style and stuff, I HATE going shopping.  My ginormous boobs, among other things, make things very difficult.  So Sunday I measured myself in a bra and undies.  I inserted 21 of the 29 measurements they ask for.  (If I had had a willing measuring buddy, I would have done all 29 measurements.  Alas, none of the furbabies have thumbs and The Fiance wasn't exactly willing to help.)  Luckily, you don't need all 29 measurements in order for them to give you a body shape.  In fact, I'm pretty sure you only need a few measurements of the essential 15 located on the left side.    Anyway, so I measured and got the body shape of M.  (That's what I guessed I would be beforehand).   Then I did a little survey where I chose the types of clothes I like and the fits I prefer.   
    Then the fun begins.  Once you have gone through all of the measuring and surveying, you get to see what clothes matches your style AND they've done the hard work for you by figuring out what size to get in the chosen garments in the Apparel section.  In addition, there's a section called Browse Outfits where they've taken pieces from the aforementioned Apparel section and put them together in outfits for you.  You want to know what made me REALLY happy?  It was that I found that several things that are already in my closet were similar to what was on their shopping list for me.  Turns out I'm not *that* far off.  :)
    So for all you lovely ladies struggling with how to classify your body shape and then figuring out what would look best on your body shape and size, this site is definitely for you.  And for you lovely ladies who know what you've got and rock it already, I still recommend it as it might open your eyes to new outfit possibilities.  And really, who doesn't want a personal shopper? 

***This is NOT a paid review.***     

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Kuka said...

thanks for sharing - this looks like fun! I'm off to try it out!

A-C said...

It really is great--hope you like it too!

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