March 10, 2010

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Day 4

    Day four of the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge was interesting.  For whatever reason, I wanted to try new and different things last week with a limited wardrobe. One such thing was wearing a blouse as a vest.  I wasn't 100% sure with it at first, so I added the belt to keep it from getting tent-y (a theme, yes?).  Still wasn't sold on it until a friend of mine's first words to me that day were "Another great outfit, A-C!" (Like seriously, she calls me A-C.)  I like this outfit much more in picture format than in the mirror.  Weird, huh? 
    Anyway, another new and different thing I tried was actually tucking my jeans into these boots.  As mentioned before, I have big calves.  I had honestly given up on ever being able to tuck jeans into knee high boots.  I figured it just wasn't meant to be.  AND THEN! I tried, just to see if *maybe* these would work, and lo and behold, they did!  Moral of the story, try things, they just might work. :) 
The Details:
White Blouse: BR
Polka dot blouse: NY & Co.
Jeans: ON
Belt: Target
Boots: Target
Necklace: Consignment


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I have a strong aversion to vests, but this just looks darling. I'm glad the jeans tucking worked. Yay for trying things!

A-C said...

Thanks! I kind of do too, but a blouse as vest, in theory, and in practice here at least, are ok w/me.

Trying things---my new motto.

Law Girl said...

Thanks for the sweet comment over on my blog.

Also...I like the jeans tucked into boots look on you. I'm glad it worked!

A-C said...

Law Girl--I meant it. and thanks!

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