March 8, 2010

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Day 2

    So its been a while since I wore this outfit and even longer since I came up with it.  But that's the nature of the game.  I've had this button down for several years and I almost never wear it.  The reason is that like most button downs that fit my boobs, the rest of the shirt tents out.  It makes me look enormous.  So, to fix this, I belted the shirt.  I'm glad I did too.  I really like the shirt, its a blue, white and black stripes, but like I said, the fit is terrible.  Even with the belt, its still felt a bit tent-y.  Hoping to cancel out the tent-i-ness I wore fitted jeans.  Looking back at the pictures, I probably should have gone with wider jeans to balance out my larger top half.  Guess I know that for next time.  
    As you can see from the pics, it snowed last week.  Tuesday I took advantage of the allowed Capsule Wardrobe Challenge winter jacket to keep me warm.  Without it I would have been very cold.  (Contrary to what you may think, it generally does not snow a lot here.  This year its snowed about 8 times.  In all the previous 7 years I've lived here, its snowed at most 3 times in any one winter. So the winter jacket was much appreciated.) 

The Details:
Button Down: ON
Belt: Target
Jeans: ON
Gray heels: Bandolino (via Steinmart)
Red Coat: ON
Necklace: Consignment


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I like the black with the blues here.

It has snowed much more here than normal this year. I'm glad things have thawed out the past few days. Hopefully winter is over!

A-C said...

It may just be! It was gorgeous here today, to the point where I probably could have done without wearing tights under my dress.

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