December 23, 2009

Winter Break (!!!)

    So I got home and sat down to blog and thought to myself, "you know I'm really tired but I really have to finish this so I can . . ." and then realized I didn't have anything to do!  And the angels rejoiced!  Which is sort of how I feel right now about not having stuff to do.  So this post will be super short.
    When figuring out what to wear, I knew I wanted to wear pants and somehow ended up with this outfit.  I thought of wearing black pants at first, but figured the brown blazer and the black pants would look odd, so I opted for gray instead.  
    I have some real issues with this shirt.  It's a really great striped print, but the fit is awful.  It fits my boobs, but because it's in no way fitted, it tents out from there.  So I really only wear it under sweaters or blazers.  I wonder if its worth it to get it tailored or just invest in already-tailored button downs.  
    Given that so much of this outfit was structured, I wanted to add a bit of whimsy.  I opted for my brand new earrings that I got from one of my co-workers Mike.  It turns out that her sister made them and I love them.  They have a red bead on top and a red and white swirly bead on the bottom.  

The Details:
Chocolate Blazer: Old Navy
Striped button down: Old Navy
Gray Pants: Gap
Cordovan heels: Aldo
Earrings: Mike's X-mas present to me (thanks Mike!)
Hair: Clever Clip 

P.S. I'm getting bored of just straightforward photos and will be trying out new ways to take pics of myself.  What do you guys think?


La Historiadora de Moda said...

That is the story of my life with most button downs! I say take it to the tailor - it shouldn't be an expensive proposition.

I'll be excited to see your new creative outfit picture poses!

A-C said...

Don't get *too* excited, I'm not entirely sure how to accomplish this with my camera on a tripod, but we'll see.

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