December 5, 2009

Let's find a cure

    So, The Fiance sent me this video about 30 mins ago. What  impresses me the most is that these people took the time and energy to willingly feel and look silly in hopes of getting the message across about breast cancer education and awareness.  
    I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but in undergrad, I was in a sorority.  (Normally I don't volunteer such information because of the ridiculous and erroneous portrayal of sorority women in our culture.)  Anyway, the reason I mention the sorority is that our philanthropy is breast cancer education and awareness.  I ended up joining the sorority in hopes of making a difference, and we did.  I helped start our annual philanthropy event in which we got a beat up car, painted it pink and sold tickets so people could smash it with a sledgehammer.  (Awesomely fun)  We managed to raise $5,000 in our first year just by selling tickets and t-shirts.  
    In addition, my best friend from Undergrad lost her grandmother to breast cancer and The Fiance's grandmother lost her battle with lung cancer.  Cancer sucks.  I hope this video makes you want to do something about it.  If so, here is a link to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  There are also many many many other foundations out there that would love your help.  I hope this video touches you the way it touched me.


A said...

I wish we had sororities here. I think I'd have quite liked to be in one. So great that yours supported breast cancer education and awareness. Such a worthwhile cause to support.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I lost my aunt (dad's brother's wife) to breast cancer and I miss her tremendously. Because of her I register for atleast one Komen 5K a year.

A-C said...

LHdM--I'm so sorry for your loss. I truly hope that someday soon we'll be able to prevent this disease.

A--It was a lot of fun. Our chapter actually started with my pledge class so we were able to start all sorts of traditions.

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