September 24, 2009


When I am deciding on doing something big, I like to have the support of the people around me.  Support is often necessary for success.  Support can take many forms: constructive criticism, sounding board and cheerleader are some examples.  However, there is another type of support that is often overlooked.  Bras.  

Every woman needs a good bra that supports, lifts and keeps the girls under control.  This is especially true for women that have been gifted in this particular area.  I know this because I am one of them.  Recently, I went and got a bra fitting while shopping at Belk.  Before the fitting, I was wearing a 36 or 38DD.  Since then, I've been wearing a 36G.  That is a 3 cup size difference.  Not to get too personal, but the difference is INCREDIBLE!  Before, the girls weren't at all supported and essentially sat against my chest.  This caused a lot of back pain.  Also the underwire cups would dig into my ribcage because there was nothing in the structure of the bra that would hold the girls up.  After just a few hours of wearing a bra, I would be in pain and have no remedy.  Now they're up where they need to be and it looks like I've lost 20 lbs.  All from wearing a bra that fits.  

I definitely recommend that you get yourself to a bra fitting specialist to make sure that you're wearing the right size bra.  Believe it or not, a woman's body changes throughout the year and even more so over her lifetime.  Even though the bra you're wearing now might fit ok, it may not be the right size or even the best fit for you.  A bra fitting specialist can definitely make sure you're wearing the right size as well as recommend different brands, styles or types of bras that fit your lifestyle best.  Remember ladies, these women do this for a living!

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