September 26, 2009

Ikea rocks

I've decided that for my weekend posts, I'll concentrate on other places where style is important. One of these is at home. I love home decorating because, let's face it, we're at home a large portion of the time. And since the Fiance and I are kind of homebodies, it's especially important that we like the way our home looks and feels.

One of my favorite home furnishing stores in the world is Ikea. It is so much fun to go in there and just look around and see different ways of decorating. The store style is simplistic modern. Most or all of their items are sleek and streamlined that can be incorporated into just about any home. Luckily we don't have an Ikea where we live. That might sound odd since I love Ikea. But the truth is, that if there was an Ikea store nearby I would be there ALL THE TIME and wouldn't have any money left over for important things like food and rent and gas.

That said, I love Ikea for its style and its affordability. We have a lot of Ikea things sprinkled around our house. Today, however, I'll focus on one of my favorite. A super cool awesome friend of mine from work asked me if I could take her Poang Chair and ottoman off her hands since she no longer had room for it. I jumped on that real quick. It turns out that the chair looks great in our den AND is really comfortable. I have recently taken to sitting in it by the window and reading homework in it. It offers the right amount of back support while still being comfortable. That I also have the ottoman makes it awesome for stacking up all the stuff I have to read. It turns out that my cats love the chair and ottoman too! It is covered in black and orange hair (SO thankful for vacuums). As such, next time I go to Ikea I'll probably buy a darker chair cover so the hair isn't as obvious. Regardless, it's an awesome chair and if you're thinking of buying it or another comfy reading chair, I definitely recommend it!

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