April 4, 2011


     How often do you say thank you? I try to say it after every time someone does something for me. The truth is that, sometimes that just doesn't cover it. And while I sometimes wonder what I would say if I were recognized in front of my peers á la the Oscars, that's just not going to happen.  Sadly there are no awards shows for lawyers or daughters or sisters or wives.  So instead, tonight, I give you my Oscar speech, because I have quite a bit to be thankful for.

     I have big news for you, I just found out Monday evening that I passed the bar.  I am so excited about this accomplishment, it’s hard to describe.  But in reality, I'm not the only that should take credit for it.  Yes, I studied for the exam and took it, but for the support of the people that matter the most in my life, I would not be here.  So for that, thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
     First, my parents: thank you for teaching me to persevere.  For supporting me in whatever manner you could after I found out I failed and for teaching me to keep trying until I passed.  Thank you for believing in me, for praying for me, for telling me you love me.  Thank you for being great examples of leadership and wisdom.  
     To my teachers and professors: thank you for offering your support, even after I had left the halls in which you teach.  Thank you for taking the time to care, sending me an email and congratulating me on Facebook in adorably dorky ways.  Thank you for sharing with me your passion for the law and learning, even if it wasn't strictly in the syllabus.  
    Thank you to the Firm.  Without your support and understanding that I needed to take 2 months off to study, I may not have been able to pass.  Thank you for being flexible and not judging me as a failure back in August.  
     To my friends, thank you for being supportive as well.  It made me feel better to think that you all were astonished at my failing and that you fully expected me to pass this second time around.  Thanks for the cards, the pep talks and the reality checks.   
     To my sister, there is more to you and I than just sisters. 
We are friends, and for that friendship I am thankful.  For your help with X-mas gifts to giving me a place to stay while I took the exam, thank you.

     Thank you to my Fiancé.  Thank you for holding my hand, for telling me it would all be ok when I needed it, and for kicking my butt in to gear when I needed that instead.  Thank you for understanding when I needed to chill in the bathtub for a while or that walking Bella wasn't just for her benefit.  Thank you for the discovery that Sam Adams Cherry Beer + chocolate chip cookies is just what I need sometimes.  Thank you for being my biggest fan.

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