March 28, 2011

Waiting. . .

     Remember when I mentioned that I would be wearing my new suit soon?  (I wouldn't blame you if you didn't---it was a while ago)  Well I did and here are the pictures to prove it.  I went a bit crazy with the purple + gray combo and made sure EVERYTHING I wore was either gray or some shade of purpley-wine.  But ya know what? I liked it!  I felt put together in my matchy-matchy-ness.  
    Oddly enough, this outfit, while being classically conservative, what with the skirt suit, hose and heels, just isn't all that conservative on me the way I've styled it.  Example #1, those aren't hose, they're gray tights!  Now the difference between gray tights and let's say bright peacock blue tights is lightyears, but when we're talking about the law, one of THE most conservative arenas on this planet, gray tights instead of skin colored hose or black tights is kinda risky.  
     AND I'm not wearing gray shoes either!  I know rule #1 about lengthening legs is to wear the same or similar colored hosewear + shoes, but long leggedness be damned!  I just wanted to be matchy.  So instead of opting for gray heels, I went with wine colored ones that matched my tee and necklace quite nicely.  These also happen to be one of my favorite pair of shoes in my closet right now.  I've worn them to match some purple shades in an outfit (like this one) or to completely contrast (and confuse the HELL out of one of my co-workers) with a turquoise top and white pants.  (post to follow later this week).  I love their versatility especially since they're patent and not black.  I'm all for having a pair (or several) of great black shoes, but having some unexpected color in your shoes just rocks. 
Let's ignore the hair in my face, K?
    So for those of you that are counting, the third way this outfit is slightly quirky on the conservative scale is my headband.  It has a bow on it.  Plenty of people will tell you that in order to be taken seriously, a woman can't show any personality.  At the very least, people will tell you that a young woman just can't draw emphasis to the fact that she's a young woman.  Well, screw that.  I like my bow on my headband and I plan to continue to wear it.  
    Lastly, this tee shirt is just a tee shirt.  I've worn it bunches of times with jeans and flats.  That's the thing though, its just a plain tee shirt, something that's not *supposed* to be in my work closet.  I, obviously, disagree.  I hate button downs and I'm having a hard time finding blouses to wear to work.  So in a pinch I've started wearing tees under jackets and they play quite nicely with my work wardrobe.  Hooray for simplicity!

The Details:
Skirt Suit: Rafaella fit + form (no longer available online)
Tee-shirt: Old Navy Similar
Hose: Hanes Similar
Heels: Nine West
Necklace: Banana Republic 

So yea, this is my way of adding some quirk and unexpectedness into a traditionally conservative outfit.  On a more real life note, its been a bit over 4 weeks since I took the bar exam again.  I should be finding out in the next couple of days whether I passed.  I've been a lot more zen about it than I thought I would.  From the beginning I've felt like I passed, but there's obviously no guarantee.  Hopefully I'll have some good news for you all sometime soon.  How do you normally handle waiting for results?   

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