February 8, 2010

Keeping me honest

    I want to give you all an update on the status of my resolutions/goals.  I did buy the Reebok tone your butt shoes, and they are awesome.  I have no idea if they’re actually toning my butt and legs, BUT they are making it easier for me to walk for longer.  I’m not sure why or how, but when I wear them on the treadmill I can go significantly longer and faster than if I wear just normal tennis shoes.  It’s quite awesome.  For example, Friday night I put on my super cool shoes and did an hour on the treadmill for 2.5 miles.  In comparison, without the shoes I tend to do 20-30 minutes or however long it takes me to get to one mile.  Even though I’ve only had the shoes for 3 weeks, I feel that they’re definitely worth the $110 I paid for them.  Yes, they’re the most expensive shoes I own, in fact probably the most expensive things in my closet right now, BUT if they’re going to make it easier for me to work out and to work out for longer periods of time, then its money well spent.   
    Aside from the super cool shoes making me walk more, I am being proactive about my sitting on my butt time.  As the photo below suggests, I will be sitting on my workout bouncy ball (at least some of the time) when I watch tv with The Fiancé.  My theory is that it’s a really easy way to increase core strength and improve my posture.  Plus, bouncing is easy and probably burns some calories.  I need all of this if I’m going to be in a wedding dress sometime in the near future and living with my big boobs without pain. 
    Oddly enough, Friday night The Fiancé found a BBC special on UK women living with big boobs.  One of the women profiled was a mom who measured 39 inches at her bust with a 32G (I think).  Her plan was to work out in hopes of reducing her overall fat but also to reduce her boob fat.  I know it depends on body type and how your body eliminates fat when you work out, but it’s not a bad way to approach your boobs.  Even though reducing my boobage isn’t a main purpose for my working out, at the very least, I’m hoping that by working out I’ll be able to strengthen my back and core so that my boobs won’t continue to be a pain in my back. 
    Of course, working out isn’t the only thing required for me to live healthier.  A big part is food intake.  This past week has been miserable.  Because I’ve been taking The Fiancé to and from work, I’ve also been taking him fast food for lunch.  So I’ve been eating it too.  Normally I don’t eat fast food every day several days in a row, so it made me feel icky.  Luckily I was able to cook yummy veggie intensive dinners to balance out the other stuff.  Cooking has definitely made a difference in living healthy.  First off, I feel like I’m in control of the process.   Second, I can control the amount of oils and fats that go into food as well as making sure that there’s at least one grain and one veggie on the plate.  I’m also eating breakfast and drinking lots of water.   
    I know I’m not perfect and that I should probably cut soda out of my diet.  The thing is that even though I want to live healthy and lose weight, I also want to do it in a positive and sustainable way.  I know very well that I’m not a gym rat, so signing up for a gym membership would just be a waste of money.  I also know that I like Coke WAY too much to give it up entirely.  So rather than go to extremes just to set myself up for failure, I’m creating a healthy way of life for myself (and The Fiancé) that is sustainable and I can easily stick with for a long time.   
How do you approach big goals like weight loss?  Is there anything in particular that keeps you motivated a few weeks in?

(This is not a paid review).

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La Historiadora de Moda said...

Kudos on making healthy choices. I'm a big fan of exercise (I'm a runner and I love yoga), and it often helps me to have an event to train for or some sort of mini reward for smaller milestones along the way.

A-C said...

Thanks! I'm doing my best to get healthy. It's not easy, but it's worth it.

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