February 5, 2010

Here's to you Audra Jean!

    About a week ago I posted the advice that Audi of Fashion for Nerds gave me in figuring out how to wear this hat. The advice that really struck me and got the gears turning was this:

It would look great with a skirt, blazer, and boots, particularly with an outfit in which you mix different neutrals together.

    I immediately thought of this yellow linen skirt. I bought it several months ago at the consignment store and even thought of dyeing it brown. Even though dyeing it is still in the back of my mind, for the time being, I really like the yellow. Thinking of combining neutrals and staying warm, I initially wanted to grab my brown blazer. Knowing that I would need to wear a heavier coat, and that one wouldn't fit well over the blazer, I opted for a sweater instead. Keeping with the neutral theme, this turquoise-gray sweater over a black tank top fit the bill. My black boots over black tights made sure to keep me warm. 
    I've had this belt for years. I'm not entirely sure where I got it from, but I *think* it came with a pair of jean shorts I bought in high school. I'm pretty sure the shorts are long gone (or hiding somewhere in my closet at my parent's house). But the belt remains, and when putting this outfit together, I felt like I needed an extra detail to bring it all together, hence the belt. That the beads at the end of the leather strands happen to be a darker turquoise than the sweater just worked out wonderfully.

The Details: 
Turquoise sweater: Mossimo Target brand (old)
Black tank: ON
Yellow skirt: Consignment
Tights: L'eggs
Boots: Target
Braided belt: no idea
Necklace: no idea

   This was my first try wearing this hat out and about.  It ended up working perfectly as it was raining all day long and I was able to store my hat in my locker when I got to school.  I really liked wearing it and felt like the bad weather was a good way to ease into wearing something new.   

How do you try new things?  Jump right in or slowly ease into them?  

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La Historiadora de Moda said...

Love the hat!

Audi said...

Aw, yay! What a cute outfit, and you look so happy! I'm glad my reply was helpful.

A-C said...

Thanks ladies!

Audi: your advice really helped! I was sort of stuck in this "I can't wear hats" thing and your advice and blog really got me out of that.

LHdM: got it at a consignment store for under $10!

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