February 3, 2010


    Remember way back when I said I was looking to get this coat? Well it's here! And I love it! In case you're not aware, Bravissimo is a UK based store and site that sells clothing for women that have big boobs. In other words, they noticed that women with big boobs weren't always plus sized and have made clothes in a range of sizes (8-18) that are based on your waist measurements but then add in extra room for boobage. Why no one came up with this before is beyond me, but I am THRILLED to have found it. The only downsides I see with it are 1. International shipping and 2. Lack of specificity in sizing guide. Otherwise, from the concept to the website to the clothing items, I am ecstatic (as you can tell by the pictures).
    Since it snowed here on Friday evening and all day Saturday, figuring out what to wear on Monday centered around being warm and dry. So I went with my rain boots and new Bravissimo coat. When it came to choosing the rain boots I knew I wanted to be happy on icky days so I went with leopard print, which regardless of the situation, would always make me smile. As for the coat, I went with something a wee bit more traditional. Since I already have a black trench coat, and since gray is slowly becoming my favorite neutral, gray just seemed like the perfect color. The coat itself is really great, it's cut with ample room for my boobs (I got a Super Curvy) and nips back in at the waist. The best part of the coat (and Bravissimo in general) is that I can have clothes that fit my WHOLE body and not just the biggest parts of me. *happy dance*
    As for the other clothes, jeans and a black long sleeved tee were the exact no fuss outfit I wanted. I was warm and comfy all day long. I added the blue pashmina for color and I'm SO glad I did. In the middle of my 3-5:50 pm class I was freezing so I ended up wrapping the pashmina around myself like in the picture to the left.   It helped tons! In fact, at one point I was so cold I put my coat on too. 

La Historiadora de Moda, this picture is for you! -->

The Details: 
Black Tee: Gap
Jeans: ON
Boots: Capelli via Steinmart
Pashmina: streets of Barcelona
Gray coat: Bravissimo

This is not a paid review (not to say I wouldn't LOVE to review more Bravissimo products. Hint hint).


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Yes! There is the picture I craved! I love the new coat and it looks like it fits you perfectly!

A-C said...

I knew you would like it. As for the coat, it fits great, might need to move down a size next time I order (I hope) but I'm loving it. :)

Law Girl said...

That coat does look great on you. What an awesome classic piece. I also really like the little pop the blue pashmina provides!

A-C said...

Thanks Law Girl! Its so great to finally have a coat that shows that I have a waist.

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