February 19, 2010

Sassy red + purple

I look tall!
    I wore this dress last Friday to work and felt sassy ALL DAY LONG! It was amazing. The combination of the red belt and shoes with the purple dress rocked. Not to mention that I also wore my favorite gray tights. (Sadly, these tights are now departed since I snagged them on my desk today and caused them to have a ginormous run in them. :'( )  I think the reason I felt so sassy was the proportions of the dress.  With the red belt, I was able to make my waist look smaller and the skirt of the dress look fuller.  The combination reminded me of something out of the 1950's, and frankly, that made me happy.  Also, I think the proportions somehow combined to make me look taller, what do you think?  
    When I chose the red shoes, I knew I was treading a fine line between being an individual and work appropriate clothing. Knowing that my office is very casual and accepting, I figured I could run that risk. Especially since the red shoes matched the red leather belt. And believe it or not, one of my bosses told me I could get away with wearing my outfit with light purple tights and the other told me he liked my red shoes. It was pretty cool to know that others, including my bosses liked what I was wearing.

How do you tread the fine line between being an individual and maintaining work appropriateness with your accessories?

The Details:
Purple Dress: Target
Red Belt: Target
Red Shoes: Nine West
Cream Sweater: LOFT
Tights: L'eggs
Earrings: gift


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Honestly, I think this is your best outfit yet! It's very flattering and the purple is dark enough that it makes the outfit more "serious."

A-C said...

THANK YOU! So to pick your brain a bit, what do you think makes it work? Is it the cut and length? I'm leaning towards that, but want to make sure I'm not alone. *hugs* (b/c you're so cool)

Evie said...

You look great :) This outfit is amazing

A-C said...

Thanks Evie! This is the same dress I wore to the rehearsal. :)

gina said...

Love the red belt and shoes!

A-C said...

Thanks Gina! Got both on sale, shoes Nine West, belt Target :)

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