March 4, 2011

alley chic

    Woo outfit post!  This outfit post is brought to you by my lovely Fiance.  You see, last week after taking the bar, I took advantage of some free time and wandered around the mall.  I just went to look.  THEN I stepped into Ann Taylor Loft and had a very serious dilemma.  I found this gorgeous brown velvet blazer that was on final sale for $19.99.  I tried it on and liked it.  Then the salesperson told me that it was marked down an additional 40% and would end up around $14.  Suddenly, I had fallen in love.  I didn't buy it right then because I wanted to really think through this (albeit small) purchase.  So I left the mall and thought about it.  
     Well I thought about it all weekend and decided I wanted it.  Originally, the Fiance and I were going to meet up at Target in town on Wednesday to do some shopping.  I was going to take that opportunity of being in town to head to the mall to buy the blazer.  Well the Fiance wasn't feeling it on Wednesday, so I asked him very nicely if he would go to the mall on his way home and get the jacket for me.  His original answer on Monday was no, that he didn't know where he was going and would be tired and wouldn't know what it was I wanted.  The next day I took the initiative and called Loft and asked them to put the jacket aside for me in my size.  That night, I again asked the Fiance to go get it for me as now it was set aside.  He lovingly acquiesced.  And so I sent him a map of the mall signaling where Loft is located so he would know EXACTLY where to go.  I even sent him a link to the jacket so he would know what he was getting too.  Wednesday night arrived and the Fiance walked in with a Loft bag and my awesome new blazer.
Laughing at myself
     Thinking about it as long as I did really made me fall in love with the blazer.  As soon as I got it home, I tried it on and was hit with inspiration lighting as I knew that I just *had* to pair it with this skirt.  And then I realized that the Tsubo Hepti booties were perfect.  You see, I had seen Heather Armstrong of Dooce wear a pencil skirt, tights + booties combination before and loved it on her.  So this outfit was born.  I felt super chic all day long with my new velvet blazer.  That and its kind of hard to not feel spectacular wearing these Tsubo Shoes.  
alley chic?

The Detailss:
T-shirt: NY&Co. Similar: Here
Skirt: NY&Co. Similar
Tights: Merona (target) In Black
Boots: Tsubo Hepti (no longer available) 
     P.S. I took these pictures in the parking lot/alley behind my office.  I'm laughing hysterically in the above picture because I was just waiting for someone I knew (read another lawyer) to come out and ask what the hell I was doing posing for pictures with my camera perched on a dumpster in an alley behind our office.  If you're an outfit blogger--where is the silliest/craziest/most interesting place you've taken outfit pictures?

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