February 3, 2012

Triple Threat

      As you can tell from my previous post, I don't always wear suits to work.  They are, however, really easy to wear.  I just decide whether I want a skirt or pantsuit, choose a top and shoes and I'm out the door.  Awesome, right?  Also kinda boring.  I combat the boring trend this in one of 2 ways: switching up the skirt and pantsuit options and not wearing suits at all.  Also, I try to not wear the same suit over and over again.  (Bonus: less wear on my suits that way).  Nonetheless, I do find myself wearing suits on a pretty regular basis.  I feel comfortable in them and enjoy the ease with which they allow me to get dressed.  I guess its a hazard of working in court.
    One thing I have learned from shopping for suits is that its imperative to find an ensemble for which I can get a skirt option and a pants option.  I have yet to find the elusive triple threat of skirt, pants and dress, but I'm always searching.  The pluses are pretty obvious, you get 2 suits for the price of 3 separates.  Add in the different combinations of tights, shoes and tops one can include and you end up with several different looks with the same basic pieces.  Hell, if you want to get incredibly creative, all you have to do is add a solid matching jacket or cardigan and now you've got even MORE combination possibilities.  The point is, that if its possible and you need it and its not going to financially bankrupt you, I totally recommend buying the skirt + pants + jacket trio for suits.    

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