January 24, 2012

Rainy Days

     When I first saw this dress I thought of rainy days and how things look distorted through the rain and puddles.  Its really what made me like it in the first place.  That and the price.  I thought I was going to pay $32.99 for the dress, but when I got to the register it rang up as $21.77 including tax.  Pretty great find if I do say so myself.
     Today I decided to pair it with gray tights from Assets (ie Spanx) and gray heels.  I figured that the gray would work with the colors best and still keep me warm.  In addition I added a dark blue blazer and a dark blue cardigan for when I'm in court or in my office (assuming it gets cold today, which I doubt).  I really like the simplicity of letting the dress be the focal point and allowing the tights and jacket/sweater to be supporting members of the cast.  

1 comment:

Elena said...

This dress is fantastic on you!

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