March 27, 2013


Saturday March 23, 2013

     I went shopping on Friday.  I discovered a few things that I just didn't quite expect.  Some that I totally did.  I knew I wouldn't like peplum shaped tops.  I tried several on anyway, and they just don't fit me right.  I also tried on some loosey goosey sweaters that on anybody else I would love, but for me, it just wasn't cutting it.  

     Here's what I didn't expect: I bought a size 8. (!!!) For those of you not in the know, I haven't been a size 8 since probably high school.  Here's how it happened.  I received the New York & Company spring mailer several weeks ago and fell in instant gotta-have-it-its-not-just-lust-but-definitely-love love with this dress.  I mean its gorgeous!  The colors, the print, the length and the collar all had me.  So I walked in to the store and asked the girl working if they still had this dress.  Of course I had the mailer and showed her the picture, I did *not* want any of the other very lovely but not quite perfect dresses.  She found one.  There was only one in the whole store and it was an 8.  I told her I would try it on even though deep inside I gave up my dream of owning this dress.  You see, I'm a size 10.  Its taken me quite a while to be solidly a 10 and not a 10/12 or a 10/12/14.   I tried on the dress and I heard a choir of angels.  It fit!  Not only did it fit, it flattered!  So as I stood in the dressing room and almost cried, I vowed to stay a size 8/10 because I need to be able to fit into this dress anytime I want.  

I've told you this story not because I'm wearing the dress in this post, but rather to show you what size 12 jeans look like on me now.  I'm not one to get hung up on numbers on a scale and most of the time the number on a tag doesn't much matter to me.  Its the fit of the clothes that you're wearing that tell you how things are going.  By the looks of these jeans, its pretty damn obvious I've lost some inches.  And that makes me well and truly glad.  Getting fit is a hard road.  I'm smaller than I was before, but I'm not nearly active enough to be fit and healthy.  But I'm working on it.  And I've got a dress in my closet to remind me of the benefits of continuing.  

Jeans: Old Navy
Top: NY&Co
Sweater: Old Navy
Sneakers: Puma
Belt: NY&Co

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