March 17, 2013

Nice Little Saturday

March 16, 2013

Seems kind of foolish of me to announce that I'm back to blogging and then don't blog for a whole week.  Oh well!  I guess this is what happens when I don't have a bunch of outfit pictures stashed away ready in case I have a day when I don't have time or chance to take a few pictures.  

Without realizing it, I wore this blouse yesterday when the whole rest of the world was also wearing green. Unfortunately, because I was rushed, I couldn't really tell that the green didn't come out in pictures until after I uploaded the pics this morning.  C'est la vie.  

I'm not sure where this shirt is from, my little sister gave it to me, but the pants are from Ann Taylor Loft.  Sometime last summer I went shopping on a mission to find some linen pants.  I found these from Loft and grabbed them up as they were on final clearance sale.  You can't tell in this pic, but the front panel has buttons that are reminiscent of a nautical theme.  Also, they're 100% lined which I was thrilled with when I got them.  

Mostly though, this outfit is about the wonderful feeling that Spring brings.  Linen pants + flip flops + sleeveless blouse = win!  I was both comfy and felt a stylish step above the go-to jeans and a shirt combo.  Do you ever feel like you want a more stylish version of your jean + top outfit?  What do you go with? 

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