March 10, 2013

Reason Number 1

You may be wondering why I'm back to blogging.  As mentioned here, the reasons are varied.  One reason, however, is that I enjoy being creative.  Part of that creativity is sharing it.  One way I'm creative is in my dress, so it felt only natural to once again share my outfit creativity here on the blog.  

In reality, this outfit isn't creative at all.  Its pretty basic in fact: shirt + pants + boots.  But that would mean that an outfit is only as good as its individual parts and their basic attributes.  What made me really enjoy this outfit had nothing to do with the basics and everything to do with the unusual. 

My first attempt at the outfit included regular jeans.  The shape of this shirt and loosey goosey fitting jeans just didn't work.  So instead I grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans, tucked them into my boots and this outfit was born.  The only addition I made to it throughout the day was to add a blazer when I had to run over to the courthouse for something and a scarf when we went out to eat for lunch.

I bought this top for my mom in 2005 when I was studying abroad.  I figured she would enjoy the flowiness and the cool pattern.  It sat in her closet until this past New Year's Eve with the tag still attached.  I took it out of her closet and brought it back with me to NC.  I hadn't given it a lot of thought recently, but considering that it was Friday and I wanted something work appropriate but a bit funky, I figured, why not?  The reasons I love it are the shape, the pattern and the sleeves.  Does anybody else ever feel the need to get a little funky at the end of the work week?

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