May 18, 2011

Review: Corioliss Clipless Curling Wand

     About three months ago, John from asked me if I would review one of their products. is the home of Professional Hair Dryers, so I said yes.  They sent me a Corioliss Clipless Curling Wand and within days it had arrived.  Having never used a clipless curling iron, I turned to Youtube to figure out how to use my brand new Wand.  I found a few videos, and this one that recreates Taylor Swift curls was particularly helpful.  In addition to watching some videos on Youtube, I also checked out the girls at the mall kiosks that use clipless curling irons to figure out how they used them.  
     Once I figure out the basics of using a clipliss curling wand, I went ahead and tried mine out.  (Turns out that, instead of starting at the ends like with a traditional curling iron, you start out curling at the roots and work your way down the strands of hair.)  Without much effort I was able to curl my whole head of hair in about 40 minutes.  Once I curled it all I finger combed through the curls and slept on them.  The next morning the curls were still perfectly intact.  In fact, as the picture below shows, the curls were still perfect the next evening.  I would definitely measure that as a success.  
     The curling iron itself is pretty great.  Mine is black and came with a protection glove and a heat resistant pad on which to place the wand while I'm working with my hair.  In addition, the wand gets really got really fast and  doesn't have temperature settings so its either on and hot or off and not. Because the wand gets so hot, its really easy to get hair to curl.  With just a little bit of time for each section of hair, I got great bouncy curls all over my head.  I know a lot of people use Flat Irons to curl their hair, but I have to say this curling wand is pretty damn fantastic.  I would definitely recommend it and any of the other curling wands in the Corioliss Curling Iron family.     

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