May 10, 2011

Balancing Act

     I can't believe its May already!  Or hell, past the first week of May even!  Last time you heard from me I had been sworn in.  Since then I've gotten to actually practice law.  Its been pretty cool.  I feel a lot more comfortable going to court now that I can actually do things in court.  That and since I got sworn in I've pretty much been only wearing suits.  Before I got sworn in I would wear suits every now and again when I knew I would be seeing a client, but lately, suits have been a daily outfit choice.  That's not to say that I've gotten completely boring and *only* wear suits and button downs, however.  Instead I've gone for suits with interesting details.  For example, this blazer is the jacket half of a skirt suit I bought last weekend.  Unlike other black suits that I own, this one is short sleeved, which is perfect for the warmer weather.  Its also makes a more casual outfit more formal without going all the way to formal (if that makes sense?).  
    In addition to buying the suit that this jacket belongs to, I also bought this blouse (and a couple of others) as well as these heels.  It doesn't seem like the most responsible thing in the world, but I've needed new work clothes for a while, so I let myself have a mini-shopping spree.  I didn't go buck wild and in fact stayed at only one store.  I bought the one suit, 2 blouses, 1 embellished tee and 2 pairs of heels.  A pretty awesome take if you ask me.  The way I see it, its an investment in my image and place as an attorney.  There is a certain look I think I need to cultivate that is primarily formal but definitely personal.  I don't want to be a lawyer in a cookie cutter suit, so personal style is a must.  At the same time, however, I definitely want to maintain the right amount of formality.  Its a fine line, I think, and one that I'm figuring out as I go along.  

The Details:
Blouse: Anne Klein
Suit Jacket: Rafaella
Pants: Gap
Heels: Nine West  

Oh and hey look, I accidentally ended up doing the Everybody/Everywear challenge on the right day too! 
Florals | Everybody, Everywear

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