February 3, 2011

Tsubo Hepti Review

Tsubo - Hepti (Dark Chocolate Suede/Terracota) - Footwear     Let me tell you about these booties.  When booties first came into fashion, I was not their biggest fan.  Its not that I didn't like them, I just figured I wouldn't participate.  Then, several weeks ago, Tiffany of I am Style-ish had a post in which she was wearing a pair of really cute booties.  A day or so later, Sally of Already Pretty posted on Twitter that 6pm.com was having a sale on Tsubo shoes.  I've heard plenty of wonderful things about Tsubo shoes and boots from both Sally and Audi of Fashion for Nerds.  So I clicked over to 6pm.com and marveled at all the beautiful Tsubo shoes they have available.  I thought of getting the Tsubo Eini in Red/Metallic Dark Grey, Tsubo Nabu in Black/Light Grey, or Tsubo Acrea in Mecca/Chartreuse.  In the end I chose the Heptis because they were different and I need a new pair of brown boots and I kept thinking of Tiffany's post when I looked at the Heptis.  So I called mom to see if I could use the remaining of my Christmas money on shoes, got the go ahead and ordered them.  
Tsubo - Hepti (Dark Chocolate Suede/Terracota) - Footwear    They arrived within the week and it was love at first sight.  Luckily I checked out others' reviews so I knew to order a half size larger than I normally wear.  They are really comfortable and I can barely feel that they have a 3 inch heel.  The metallic orange inside adds a funky touch that only I am privy to.  All in all, I would definitely recommend these booties.  They do have a 3 inch heel, so if you're not used to wearing heels over 2 inches, I might reconsider.  Also they're suede.  I am planning on spraying them to protect them, but I would not wear these out in the slushy winter weather some of you are experiencing.  
     And guess what guys--Today only: Tsubo Shoes Up to 70% off! at 6pm.com .  In fact, the Tsubo Heptis are $43.50!  In addition, 6pm.com is offering Heart to Heart Shipping Promotion - $2.95 flat rate shipping from 2/1 to 2/14!

*This review was neither asked for or compensated for*

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