February 28, 2011

I'm back!

     Hi Everyone!  I'm back from the hell that is bar study and bar exam taking.  To tell you the truth, I have really missed blogging.  Its going to take me a really long time to catch up on reading blogs as there are currently 400+ unread items.  I'm guessing "mark all as read" will be making itself known in a day or so.  Anyway, I feel really good about the bar and hopefully in a month I'll be planning out my swearing in.  Thanks for all of your support too--you guys are the best!
   Not only is today my return to blogging, its also my first day back from work.  I took all of 2 days off and I'm back to the grind.  I wish I could take more time off, but such is life.  Part of me is excited to get back to the grind and immerse myself in work, part of me is not so thrilled.  I want to take a few more days to sleep in, watch tv all day, and hang out with Bella.  I'll be taking full advantage of my weekends though.  
    One super exciting thing I'm looking forward to is revamping my home office.  Right now I have a beautiful desk The Fiance gave me a few years ago for my birthday.  I absolutely love it.  My office chair and bookcases, on the other hand SUCK.  I'm looking forward to replacing several pieces of my office furniture.  For example, I want a new office chair, a desk lamp and some bookcases.  I'm thinking some artwork would be good too.  What, for you, is a must have in your office or working space? 

*This is a CSN sponsored post*

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