February 11, 2011

Mixing Patterns

I wore this outfit yesterday.  I've been inspired by Brittney of A Day in the Life Too . . . to get out of sweats and into real clothes while I study.  It ended up being just as warm and comfortable as if I had worn PJ pants and a sweatshirt all day long instead.  In other words I sat with a blanket over my lap anyway.  I'm not sure if the clothes necessarily kept me on task more than normal--but I wasn't embarrassed to go outside to get the mail like I normally am when I wear my monkey face PJ pants.  
    This skirt is significantly shorter than I normally wear.  Because I spent the day in a chair, under a blanket, fidgeting to get comfy, it was PERFECT!  The short skirt let my legs move and get comfy without being restrictive at all.  I'm not sure I would wear this skirt without tights ever, but with tights I would feel perfectly fine wearing this in public.  
    As you can see, I am boldly mixing patterns with my leopard print rain boots and purple plaid skirt.  I am quite a fan of this combination.  If I had actually left the house I may have even worn these boots instead of my suede knee highs too.  I'm generally not afraid of pattern mixing.  The only reason I don't do it more often is that I don't have a lot of patterned pieces in my closet.  I should probably work on that.  How do you feel about mixing prints? Fun or scary?

The Details:
Undershirt:Fruit of the Loom Available Here
Skirt: Old Navy (on sale for $7.97!(
Tights: Hue Available Here
Boots: Capelli via Stein Mart Available Here

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