December 13, 2010

Product Review: Chi Silk Infusion

    Remember this post where I said I would be back to review another product sent to me via, home of the "Professional Blow Dryer"?  Well here it is.  It's taken me so long to post it because I wasn't 10000% impressed with the product.  Let me explain.
    The product I was asked to review is the Chi Silk Infusion.  Now, I have heard about Chi straighteners for years and wondered if their hair products would live up to that hype.  For me at least, the Silk Infusion did not.  I used the product for a few weeks by doing my normal thing: wash my hair, put product in, go to sleep with it wet, wake up with pretty hair.  And while the Chi Silk Infusion did exactly that, my second day hair was less than impressive.  
     You see, I don't wash my hair every day so I rely on whatever leave-in I use to keep my hair curly and bouncy even after I've worn it down a whole day and slept on it.  Inevitably this means that about a third of the time my hair goes up about halfway through day 2.  The thing is that with some products my hair looks great even on day 2, even on the night of day 2!  The Chi Silk Infusion just didn't do that for me.  This doesn't mean that my first day hair was dreadful, it wasn't.  It was beautiful: nice and soft, curly and bouncy.  It's just that second day hair fell pretty flat from the second I woke up.
     My conclusion is that if you need to wash your hair everyday or you want to keep your hair straight, then this product is probably for you.  It has a nice light smell that is not at all noticeable once hair is dry and its easy to apply.  However, if you rely on your products to keep your hair looking curly and bouncy for more than a day, then I would recommend you try the Hana Shine Shield that I reviewed from that is still working beautifully for me.

Lastly, I will be hosting a giveaway later this week in which will provide one of my lucky readers with BOTH the Hana Shine Shiled and the Chi Silk Infusion.  So keep a look out!  

*This is a requested review.  I did not receive compensation for the review other than the products to be reviewed.  Nonetheless, all opinions are my own and are shaped by my experiences testing the product.*

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