December 20, 2010

Help for Claudia

     I was on Facebook Chat Saturday afternoon talking to my friend Claudia and she told me she would love my help in packing for an upcoming trip to Connecticut to visit her boyfriend's family.  She was particularly worried about her boyfriend's sisters. In her words:

His sisters are crazy fashionistas, only they are bitchy and condescending and very judgy.  So basically if I'm not tres chic, it's going to get ugly. 

My heart went out to her.  I know how it feels to feel judged and not feel cute enough, skinny enough, pretty enough or just plain not enough.  So with that in mind, I figured I could help her out by asking her a couple questions, putting together a polyvore and talking her through it.  

     She has a Christmas mass she has to go to that will be dressy as well as a semi-dressy open house the day after Christmas.  In addition, she's working on losing weight and hasn't had the best history with her boyfriend's sisters with respect to her weight.  She has a really cute black and white shirtdress and below knee length boots that she wanted to take with her.  I put my outfits together based around these pieces and that Claudia doesn't want to have to check a bag.  
    In order to conserve room I suggested she remix her dress by wearing it with a sweater or cardigan to make it look like a skirt + sweater combo once and then with just a necklace a second time.  In addition by switching out tights she'll still be warm and keep each look unique.  She is also planning on taking some skinny jeans that tuck in to her boots, so I put together the rest of the outfits around those jeans.  She can dress them up with a sparkly top and wrap, dress them down with a long flowy cardigan, or dress them conservatively with a turtleneck and blazer.  By adding in accessories in the form of belts, necklaces, brooches and scarves, she'll be conserving space in her luggage and have an arsenal to switch up her looks with that will keep her looking chic and put together.
    After giving her my advice and a closet shopping list of sorts, Claudia went on her way to gather the clothes, try them on and pack.  This is what she had to say:

I'm trying your outfit ideas and I am in love!!

So I think I have it all sorted out.  I feel much better!  You are spot on!

The blazer!  I can't believe I don't wear it every day!  
The coolest thing about this, aside from being able to help a friend, is that we were able to do it all via the internet and text messages.  I've never been inside Claudia's closet, but just from talking a bit and giving her some examples, she has been able to take my ideas, go through her own closet and implement them in ways that work for her.  AND she'll feel confident and put together when she goes and visits her boyfriend's family. All in all, it was a great way to spend my Saturday afternoon.
    Do you have any words of advice for Claudia?  Any great strategies or other ways to deal with less than pleasant relatives? 

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