November 8, 2010

Red Skirt!

     This is the skirt that I told you about here.  I was so excited to get it and even though I love the color and the sheen and the shape, the fit isn't 100%.  I should have gone a size down from the one that I got, but because I didn't want to be *too* optimistic about my weight loss, decided to go with a size 14P instead of a 12P.  I chatted with a customer representative that told me the measurements of both sizes, and based on that I went with a 14.  The 14 fits fine, but I think that the skirt is supposed to be more fitted than it is on me, hence why I probably should have gone with the 12.  It would probably be more high waisted in a 12 too.  Nonetheless, I love the skirt and just have to make sure that my tops don't make the skirt bunch up around my hips so that it looks like the skirt is too big.  If I end up losing more weight so that it becomes noticeably big, I suppose I would just get it tailored down to fit me better.  
Notice the bunching?  Also, no idea why Bella is checking out my shoes!
    Speaking of tailoring, I've got a question for you all.  So, as I've mentioned, I'm on a quest to lose weight and get healthier.  The only downside is that some of my clothes just don't fit anymore.  My bottoms and pants in particular.  Now, I'm able to wear my pants if I use a belt or wear my skirts lower towards my hips rather than my waist.  My question is, at what point does this "making do" start to look sloppy?  I guess my fear is that while I lose weight and am not in a financial position to buy clothes for the intermediate sizes I'll pass through, I won't look as polished as I would prefer.  Am I worrying over nothing or is there a legitimate concern?
    Speaking of not being able to replace items in my closet.  This will be the last time you'll see these, my favorite heels, for a while.  I have worn the heels down to the nail, and sadly, I don't know of a cobbler nearby nor how much it might cost to get my super awesome shoes repaired.  :(  Anybody have an idea of what kind of price range I should expect to for my heels to be replaced?
    Lastly, I *loved* how my legs looked in these tights.  That the skirt hit me mid-knee works perfectly with my height.  It allows my legs not to look stumpy, but I'm still conservative and professional enough to hang out in court all day if need be.  And of course the tights keep my legs warm and make them look amazing.  Isn't this cooler weather just amazing?

The Details: 
Skirt: Talbots
Top: Loft (via consignment store)
Heels: Nine West
Tights: Hue (?)


Audi said...

That red skirt is just gorgeous!

I think you could probably get a lot more use out of your current wardrobe with some minor tailoring. If it's in an area that's easy to hide (i.e., if you always wear shirts that cover the waistband), chances are you can do much of it yourself, but even a tailor shouldn't really be very expensive for minor fixes. I use my local dry cleaners and even the most complicated alterations have never cost me more than about $12. Same should go for replacing the heel pads on your shoes; that should not be an expensive fix at all.

Anonymous said...

You look AWESOME! I love the skirt with the opaque black tights and nude heels. Gorgeous. Honestly...I never had clothes tailored (other than one pricey dress from Banana Republic) after I lost weight, but began slowly building a new wardrobe, at least in terms of pants. Once I hit the 15-20 pound loss point...all of my bottoms just looked WRONG. And precarious aka I was in danger of mooning people. ;) Looking forward to hearing how you deal with it! It's such a tricky phase...I know I dumbly bought some new pants too early and wound up trading them in for the smaller size a month later. Getting healthier/losing weight is so fun and confidence boosting, but it certainly can be pricey/a pain, too.

A-C said...

Audi--thanks! I've never had shoes resoled or had heels fixed, so I had no concept of price range. This makes it way more reasonable than I had imagined. I hadn't thought of tackling the resizing on my own, but there are probably a few things I can fix for myself.

Caffeinerd: thanks so much, you're too sweet! I'm hoping to build a new wardrobe as all or most of my old stuff will need to be replaced anyway. I know that wearing a belt with pants will keep me from mooning people, but there comes a point where having a bunched up waistline just isn't cute. In the past I've used this as an excuse to let my weightloss taper off and just plateau, but I know better now. At some point, hopefully in the near future, I will be able to afford a wardrobe upgrade/replacement, albeit not all at once, so not losing weight b/c of that is just stupid.

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