April 10, 2013


Tuesday, April 9, 2013
     Spring has finally sprung!  It was a beautiful day yesterday and I decided to match the weather with linen pants and this new blouse.  This is one of the ones that I mentioned in this post.  I bought it in 5 colors and patterns and I just checked and they still have it!  I may have to head over to NY&Co this weekend to see if they have it in the Carnegie Blue. 
    I often wonder if I look like a lawyer when I
wear outfits like this.  I'm certainly dressing for the weather and look put together, but is it too casual?  Most of the time when I see clients I wear my blazer so they see me looking like the picture on the right and not like the picture to the left.  Nonetheless, I wonder, is it enough?  I know that in my mind when I think of how lawyers are portrayed on TV they're all wearing gray, black or blue suits with crisp button down blouses and heels.  And I'm all for that look, when its necessary.  Its just not always or even often necessary.  But this is my view from the inside looking around at myself and my fellow lawyers.  I'm lucky to practice in a place where I can wear white linen pants to court and not feel or look out of place.  There are definitely courtrooms and judges that would not allow me to dress
this way.  But that's a different conversation altogether. 
     What I'm really worried about, I guess, is what my clients think of when they see me like this?  Do they notice my dark purple nail polish and wonder if I'm professional?  Do they wonder if I'm competent if they don't see me in a gray suit?  And then of course I wonder if clients would be comfortable talking to me if I were always wearing a suit.  Do my trips into casual wear make people comfortable?  I know I'm overthinking at least some of it, but I also know that we judge people by their appearances and by their dress.  It just happens.  If I had a definite answer that gray suits bring in more money, I would imagine I would go out and buy a few more gray suits.  But I also imagine that I would still dress this way every once in a while.  I enjoy the comfort factor, but I also enjoy being able to express my personality.  Any thoughts? 

Blouse: NY&Co
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft
Heels: Nine West Ambitious
Blazer: NY&Co   

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